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SKYTEX Technology, Inc. is a U.S. based global supplier, developer and distributor of innovative mobile computing, entertainment and media devices, AndroidTM Tablets, and Windows Tablet PCs headquartered in the Los Angeles area. SKYTEX is grounded on core values that continue to guide the company including the passion to excel in customer service, building brand integrity through quality products, and creativity by offering unique content in every device. In addition, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, SKYTEX OEM services offer compelling value to organizations, business and educational institutions in the area of productivity, security and management on Windows-based tablets. Our success is driven by state-of-the-art products, U.S. based software development and services we deliver to our end users. U.S. based customer and technical support is available week days from 8:30am-5:30pm Pacific Time.

While understanding the needs and demands of the market, we ensure that our products maintain the highest quality standards and remain competitively priced. We focus on adopting and refining the latest technologies within our line up that feature popular pre-loaded content of the most current Apps and business-friendly services including 10GB of free cloud storage. Many of our tablets incorporate Bluetooth, HDMI, hi-res cameras, multi-core processors, and bright wide-view displays with optimized Wi-Fi performance for better streaming and an overall superior web experience.

SKYTEX takes pride in developing and utilizing technology to bring superior products to consumers and resellers worldwide. Our team engages in the sales and marketing of products distributed throughout North and South America, Mexico, and Asia.

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SKYTEX is committed to developing quality products and services, offering an unparalleled value to our resellers and end users. Our goal is to combine high-tech solutions with comprehensive service and support.


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