How do I change the setting of the language?

  1. Go to the home screen of the tablet. Tap on the six small squares (App Tray) near the top right of the screen (for Android 4.1 versions and below) or select the nine squares (App Tray) on the bottom bar (for Android 4.2 and up).
  2. Find and select the “Settings” icon (if configured in Spanish, it will say “Ajustes”).
  3. Scroll down on the left side of the screen to find “Language & Input” with next to it (if configured in Spanish, it will display “Idioma y entrada de texto”).
  4. After you have selected the “Language & Input”, tap on the first option on the ride side where it says “Language” (if configured in Spanish, it will display “Idioma”).
  5. You can then scroll down and select your preferred language.

How do I transfer photos, music, or videos to my tablet?

  1. Connect your tablet to your PC via USB cable.
  2. The USB symbol will appear on your tablet’s notifications bar (bottom bar).
  3. Select the symbol that appears -> Tap USB Connected -> Turn on USB Storage.
  4. Once the connection is established, a folder or window will appear on your computer. The folder will be named after your Tablet.
  5. You may now transfer your files into your Tablet’s USB folder by dragging and dropping the files from your Tablet into your PC.

How do I transfer photos, music or videos onto my tablet from a Micro SD card?

Use the pre-installed File Manager application to transfer files to a Micro SD card.

  1. After inserting a Micro SD card into the tablet, navigate to the  “File Manager” application .
  2. When “File Manager” is opened, there are a few tabs located near the top of the screen. The third tab that has a SD card icon will give you access to your external Micro SD card storage. The second tab will give you access to your tablet’s internal storage.
  3. To copy and paste files, press and hold onto the file that you want to transfer from Internal Storage.
  4. Select “Copy” when option appears.
  5. Navigate to Micro SD card storage.
  6. Select and hold onto a preferred folder.
  7. Select “Paste” to transfer the file.

How do I reset my password on my tablet?

  1. Download the re-flashing program onto your computer by visiting the Drivers & Downloads tab.
  2. Under “Firmware Downloads,” select your tablet’s firmware file.
  3. Select “Download” for the re-flash program and instructions for your PC. When the download is completed, follow the instructions to perform a firmware re-flash.
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User Manual
Manual de Usuario
Please read and follow the instructions carefully before trying to re-install your Tablet’s OS.